Carbocation has only 6 #e^-#'s in its valence shell than why it does not have +2 charge?

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Feb 15, 2017


Carbocation has only a +1 charge.


The valence electrons of Carbon is 4, since it belongs to group 4 in the periodic table. When it became a carbocation it has now 3 valence electrons that's why it became a carbocation with a +1 charge. Also, It has something to do with Formal Charge;

Which is
Formal charge = [# of valence electrons] – [electrons in lone pairs + 1/2 the number of bonding electrons]

  The number of valence electrons for carbon is 4
 The number of non-bonded electrons is zero
 The number of bonds around carbon is 3.

So formal charge = 4 – (0 +3) = 4 – 3 = +1

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