Chemical bond that provides stability to complex carbohydrate molecule ? A: carbon-hydrogen bond B: carbon-oxygen bond C: carbon-nitrogen bond

2 Answers
Jun 26, 2018

Hydrogen bonds


Normally hydrogen bonds are the 'weak sauce' bonds. In carbs, they are proton donors and proton acceptors. What's more, they are short in range so their strength and angle contribute to their role in creating structure. This hydrogen is in the carbs hydroxyl group.

Hydroxyl groups allow for the carbs to make glycosidic linkages which are the important bonds that allow for polymers.

Jun 28, 2018

C-O bond


H-bonds are not one of the options (they aren't bonds). The bond that holds a complex carbohydrate together is a C-O bond, and it is called a acetal linkage (or ketal linkage). It originates from the OH group of one sugar and the anomeric carbon of the other sugar. This the essential polymerization reaction that takes place in sugar monomers to make them polymers (complex)