Compare and contrast Raphael and Michelangelo?

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Sim W. Share
Mar 27, 2017


Raphael was a classical painter whereas Micheangelo was a precursor of baroque painting.


Raphael was an admirator of classical art and reinvente a form of art based on the equilibrium between the line and color. Michelangelo's style of painting(in the sisxtin chapel) was based on colorful works.

The contrast between Raphael and Michaelangelo is basically the contrast between classicism and baroque art.

Raphael is often compared with Christ for dying at 33 and his art was revered in Rome whereas the Venitian school of painting(which competed with Rome) was much closer to Michelangelo. Raphael would remain a model until the advent of Baroque art.

Raphael-equilibrium between line and color

Michelangelo colorful style

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