Consider the reaction #N_2(g) + 3H_2(g) rightleftharpoons 2NH_3(g)#. What is the effect of decreasing the volume on the combined gas?

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Dec 19, 2016

#"Le Chatelier's principle"# would predict that this drive the equilibrium to the right hand side.


In this scenario, #"Le Chatelier's principle"# would predict that the equilibrium would be driven to the side of the reaction that exerts least pressure, i.e. the product side. Note that when we describe how the equilibrium changes, we would say that we are increasing the concentration of dinitrogen and dihydrogen by increasing their partial pressures.

This is one of the few ways we would manipulate this equilibrium in that the product is condensable (i.e. we could condense it out on a cold finger), but the reactant gases are non-condensable. What is the significance of this ammonia production to humanity?