Considering the following information, why is there a 500,000,000 light year difference? Is the 13.7-billion light year boundary actually based on when the CMBR first emerged from the opacity following the Big Bang?

The observable universe boundary has been placed at 13.7-billion light years. But the most distant object observed so far lies at only 13.2-billion light years

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Jul 28, 2016

The difference might be due to precision ( 3-sd, 4-sd, 5-sd, ...) in approximations and the precision limits in observation and measurements, in grand units, like , K light years, mega parsec...


In respect of precision, there are limitations in each observatory.

One recent observatory, could go up to 5-sd in billion year unit.

Another might stop with 3-sd. We have to rely upon most significant

digits ( m s d ) that tally, may be 13.8.

There is no approximation, like, 4.246 125 305 6187 light years, for

conversion to lower units like AU, instead of 4.246 light years for the

distance of the nearest star, Proxima Centauri..