Dan is twice the height of his sister Julie plus four inches. Dan is 72 inches tall. How tall is Julie?

1 Answer
Dec 1, 2017

34 inches


Let’s make J represent Julie’s height

Since Dan is two times plus 4 inches the height of Julie, an expression that could represent this is 2J +4

Dan is a total of 72 inches, so we can use this info to find J. The expression should look something like this:

#72=2J +4 #

Isolate J to find Julie’s height, so you would want to start by subtracting 4 on both sides then divide both sides by 2.

#72-4 = 2J+4-4#

#68 = 2J #

#68/2 = 2J/2 #

#34 = J#

Since, once again, J represents Julie, Julie’s height is 34 inches