Did Churchill like Stalin as a person?

1 Answer
May 6, 2016

Probably not due to their strongly opposing opinions - however, Stalin had a lot of power that The Allies needed to defeat Hitler.


Churchill and Stalin had differing opinions - mostly about how a country should be run. At the time, Russia was strongly communist while Britain remained capitalist. What's more, Stalin was running a brutal dictatorship in his own country that more developed nations would deem inhumane and undesirable. Given a choice, they would likely have avoided each other but by joining forces against a shared enemy (Hitler) they were stronger.

Originally, Stalin and Hitler had actually been allies and were joined by a non-aggression pact, but Hitler's invasion of Russia ended this relationship. The fact that the Stalin and Hitler got on well once again shows that they probably wouldn't have been the best of friends!

In politics, decisions are not based around how likeable a person is, but rather what resources and support they can bring to a cause. Russia provided a large amount of force that was invaluable to the Allies. This fact outweighed the fact that, as a person, Stalin was disliked.

I hope this helps; let me know if I can do anything else:)