Do you believe there are other significant life forms in different galaxies and are they as smart as humans? What do the experts think?

1 Answer
Jul 20, 2017

It is very likely that there are significant lifeforms on other planets.


There are thought to be over two trillion galaxies in the observable universe. Our own galaxies is thought to have over 100, 000 million stars in it. That adds up to a very large number of stars.

Recent discoveries of planets around nearby stars has shown that planets are very common. Several have been discovered which could have the right conditions for life.

The statistics make it rather likely that life has evolve on other planets.

Given that the universe is over 13 billion years old, it is also very likely that significant life has evolved and maybe gone extinct.

It is also highly likely that life will evolve on other planets in the future.

One thing is that assuming there is significant life in other galaxies it is very unlikely that we will meet them. We don't have the technology to travel the enormous distance, and probably never will. Likewise it is unlikely that another race will have the technology to visit us.