Does anyone know a fast easy way to memorize the arteries and veins in the body?

1 Answer
Sep 10, 2016

There are no fast and easy ways. You must Practice! Practice! Practice!


But here are a few tips to make the learning a little easier.

1. Trace them out on your body

Use #color(blue)("blue")# and #color(red)("red")# markers (with washable ink!) to trace the veins and arteries on your body.

For hands: Use disposable rubber gloves. Red marker pen on one glove for arteries. Blue pen on another glove for veins.

For feet: Use white socks and coloured markers or black socks with white markers.

Always use the same side to avoid later confusion.

Use your gloves and socks regularly for review.

Use mnemonics

A mnemonic is a pattern of letters that helps you remember something.

For example, #bb"C"#adavers #bb"A"#re #bb"D"#ead #bb"P"#eople gives the branches of the thoracoacromial trunk: #bb"C"#lavicular #bb"A"#cromial #bb"D"#eltoid #bb"P"#ectoral.

You can get some ideas here, but the best ones are those you make up yourself.

The more outrageous they are, the more likely you are to remember them.

3. Test yourself frequently

(a) Flash cards

There are good online flash card reviews at Quizlet and memorize.

(b) Games

Try this one from purposegames.

(c) Slide shows/self tests

Try this one from Maricopa Community Colleges.