Does nuclear fission have a high or low activation point?

1 Answer
Aug 2, 2017

Nuclear fission is comparatively easier to start than nuclear fusion.But, nuclear fusion produces more energy and is safer than nuclear fission


Nuclear fission is a process by which the unstable nucleus of a radioactive elements emits its extra energy in the form of #gamma# rays or in the form of matter such as #alpha# and #beta# particles(Energy can be converted to matter according to Einstein)

Nuclear fission is initiated by bombarding an unstable nucleide with a high speed neutron.This causes the nucleide to break into smaller nucleides of other elements and releasing more neutrons and huge amount of energy.These neutrons hit the surrounding nucleides repeating this process.

But nuclear fusion releases far more amount of energy.In this process, the nuclei of two atoms combine at a very very high temperature. It only occurs in the cores of stars where the temperature is about #100# to #200# million #""^(0)C#.Fusion energy can be explained by the awesome video below:

Thus nuclear fission is far easier to use than nuclear fusion.