Draw triangle abc, with angle a=35°,angle ac=6cm and angle c=65°?

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Nimo N. Share
Mar 4, 2018


See below.


# triangle ABC #,
with # angle A = 35° #,
# cancel("angle") "side"\ AC = 6cm #, and
# angle C = 65° #

Angle naming example: the angle at vertex A in the triangle drawing below can be called # angle CAB #, or # angle BAC #. or, simply # angle A #.

Process of drawing the triangle:

1) Draw a line segment a little longer than 6cm, and mark two points on it 6cm apart. Label the 1st point A, and the second point C.
-This will be side AC of the triangle.

2) Using a protractor (since construction of the two angles is not an easy task using a compass) and set it so the vertex point is over point A, mark a point where the angle measure will be 35 degrees, then draw a ray from point A, long enough to end a bit to the right of point C, not directly above it.
-This is not the side AB, yet.

3) Use the protractor again, but mark the 65 degree angle with its vertex point over point C and measure up from segment AC, on the opposite scale, so the angle will face towards vertex A.

4) As before, draw a ray extending from point C, through the point you marked for the 65 degree angle. Be sure it intersects the other ray drawn from A.

5) Now put a dot at the intersection of the two rays and name it B.

You have constructed the triangle ABC, according to the plan.

I hope this answers your question.

My drawing:
enter image source here

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