Due to their desire for a theocracy what was at the center of New England life?

1 Answer
Aug 19, 2017

During the time of the Puritans the church was the center of life in New England.


Society was to be governed by Biblical values. Every adult male could speak in the church meetings. The Church meetings were an early form of democracy. Everything in the community was decided by the Church councils. Who the school teacher would be and the curriculum were decided in the church. These issues would not be considered to be issues to be decided by the church by the time of the American Revolution.

The Church Meetings came to be replaced by the Town meetings. The same form of early democracy was represented in the New England Town meetings. Every adult male was able to speak in the Town Meetings. Everything from deciding to repair a bridge to entering the Revolutionary war was decided in the Town Meetings.

The Great Awakening weakened the power of the organized church and a theocratic government. The Great Awakening strengthened the reliance on the Bible as a source for values to govern society, and the practice of democracy.