During the revolutionary war, what were the views of a "democrat" and a "republican"?

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Jan 5, 2016


There were no such political divisions at that time.


During the revolution you were either a Patriot or a Torey. You either supported the revolution or you did not.

The first political division came in the form of the Federalists and the anti-Federalists. They were those who favored a strong central government and constitution, the federalists, and those who did not, the anti-federalists. Of course the Federalists won out.

At the time of his inauguration George Washington did not think political parties were a healthy way to govern this country. He and John Adams after him, called themselves Federalists simply because they had supported the government as it was formed.

When Thomas Jefferson challenged John Adams in 1800 he called himself a Democratic Republican which truly gave rise to the American two party system.