Eukaryotic cells and Prokaryotic cells' organelles problem?

This is the question that I found:
All plant cells have
A. Cell membranes
B. Nuclei
C. Chloroplasts
D. Cell walls

And the answer is D. I know 'Nuclei' is the plural of 'nucleus', so the answer B must not be correct. Chloroplasts may not be found in all plant cells, e.g. onion epidermal cell, thus answer C must not be correct. Nonetheless, I don't know why answer A, 'Cell membranes' isn't the answer, aren't all plants cells have cell membranes? Why?


1 Answer
Jan 1, 2018

I am guessing they mean what do all plant cells have that animal cells don't


If they intended it to mean what do all plant cells uniquely have, then it could work as all plant cells DO have cell walls, but animal cells don't. With nuclei and cell membranes, both plant and animal cells possess them and with chloroplasts (as you said) not all plant cells possess them.
It does seem an odd question though!