Exactly how big is space?

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Mar 13, 2018



As big as you can't imagine. In the whole system ,the earth is only like a football from sun, from further distance ,it is like cricket ball, from more further distance ,it is like a tennis ball , from more distance, the earth is like a glass marvel. From more further distance, it is like a dot. From more distance ,now can you imagine???

There are galaxy after galaxy, many big many small, many milky ways, many stars, many planets, many stones floating in gravity less space.

Hope it is out of your imagination.

Mar 13, 2018

The universe (as far as we know) is infinite -basically, if you kept going in one direction with no obstructions in the way, you would continue to forever.


To put it into perspective, I would look at this, its ridiculous how far we the human race have come in space, I must also tell you it is slight out of date;
Corrections: -Voyager 1 has left solar system -Cassini Probe no longer exists (has burnt up) -New Horizons probe has reached/gone past Pluto -Juno probe has reached Jupiter

-Hope this helps!