Explain five examples of refraction in daily life?

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Gió Share
Jun 22, 2017


I Tried this:


I would say:

1) Rainbow: Sun light is refracted inside water droplets in the atmosphere giving dispersion and separation of colors;


2) Spectacles or Contact Lenses: light is refracted inside the material of the lens changing its path to help the eye to focus it;

Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center

3) Colors in oily puddles of water: Sun light is refracted inside the oily film on the surface of he water giving, through interference, the colored pattern;

XDA Forums - XDA Developers

4) Spoon or stick in water: refraction is responsible for the "broken" appearance of a spoon half immersed in a glass of water;


5) Optic Fiber or water: inside the fiber the light cannot be simply reflected because the intensity would decrease rapidly losing our original signal. Instead we use Total Internal Reflection where extreme condition for refraction are achieved so that the incident light doesn't enters the other medium (see Critical Angle).
[Image of the Turtle totally internally reflected]

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