For the complex number #1+3sqrt2i# are the forms #1+3isqrt2# and #1+i3sqrt2# both widely accepted violations of strict standard form #a+bi#?

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Oct 21, 2016

You can have your own standard. I have mine as a +# i# b to mean (real) a +# i# (real) b that means real part +#i#maginary part. Note that I have entered i in italic,s as #i#


Conventions and faiths are society standards, If you are confident that you have to break the convention in your context, do it. Caution: If your professor does not like it, you have to face the wrath.

In late 1970s, my ( not famous but not infamous ) book "Fortan 77" was liked by students. I did not use STOP just before END, in my programs. In books that were famous by authors of FORTRAN IV, the revised editions put STOP before END in every program. The teachers who valued answer scripts were sticking to the FORTRAN IV rule that, without STOP just before END the program cannot be executed. Many had to appeal for revaluation. If too many apply, the management would choose the same teachers for revaluation.

Please do not generalize my view..