How are electric and magnetic fields related?

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Apr 2, 2017



a simple relation to relate electric and magnetic field in an electromagnetic field is by using a simple relation of E=cB
where c is the speed of light because electromagnetic wave travels by speed c.
you can obtain this relation by using fact that product of permittivity of free space and permeability is 1/c
2 .
now further complex relations involving transformation of fields with changing of frames can be obtained in special relativity by using lorentz transformations .

Apr 9, 2017

more explanation


permeability : measure of extent to which magnetic field can penetrate matter
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here the whole quantity outside the integral multiplied by # 4pi # is called permeability of free space and has a value of # 10^-7 # # NA^-2 # .
Every medium has different permeability .

permittivity : ability of electric field to affect and get affected by the medium or the ability of medium to polarize in electric field and hence reduce it
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permittivity of free space has value of # 8.854 * 10^-12 # # C^2N^-1m^-2 # .
each medium has different permittivity