How are proteins used in the body?

1 Answer
Jun 8, 2018

There are so many uses of proteins in our body.


1.Structural Proteins:

•Those are like keratin which is found in your hair and nails.

Collagen is another structural protein found in skin, blood vessels (to prevent them from bursting under blood pressure) and teeth. Fun fact: leather is preserved collagen.

2.Functional Proteins:

•Those include enzymes that act as biological catalysts and will catalyze all chemical reactions in our body. An example of this is the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide in the presence of catalase.

•These also include hormones that communicate between different parts of your body. For example, you have insulin, glucagon and steroids like estrogen and testosterone.

•This also includes oxygen picking proteins like haemoglobin in red blood cells and myoglobin.

• This also includes actin and myosin that makes part of your muscles, which are needed for movement.

•This also includes your blood proteins like fibrinogen and albumin, which are required for different functions, like blood clotting.

•There are transport proteins in your cell membrane across which transport of substances take place either by active transport or facilitated diffusion through carrier or channel proteins.

This list could keep going on and on about where they're used in our bodies. But proteins are very essential.