How are the human and frog urinary systems similar?

1 Answer
Nov 11, 2016

Please note that urinary system of frog differs a lot from that of human, because they belong to different vertebrate classes.
The similarities are as follows:-


Paired kidneys are primary organs for excretion in both and nephrons are functional units of kidney.

(Nephron of frog is short, it lacks Henle's loop because water conservation is not important in amphibians who reside near fresh water.)

Kidneys receive blood from dorsal aorta and sends away blood through inferior vena cava in both. (In amphibians, kidney also receives blood from another renal portal vein.)

Urine flows out of each kidney, in both, through a tubular structure called ureter . (In frog, ureters open in cloaca, last part of digestive tract.)

There is presence of unpaired urinary bladder in both.