How can concepts and categories help you write an essay?

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Apr 6, 2018

It is a bit debatable issue too.


My personal experience that is a bit relevant here.

Since 2011, I have been teaching English through online that says interesting many things that I am going to share a little only.

Many students tell me almost everyday, Sir, I am well at grammar. But I can 't write anything because I don't have any idea how to write!

Another group says, Sir, I have many great ideas but when I write; I usually feel suffocated whether my writing has been going on correct grammar!

Many researches show that who read story books since early in their lives; they generally don't afraid of reading academic text books too.

They have accumulated a lot of concepts to write.They can associate one unknown variable with another one. So, they can write almost anything so much enchantingly. Yes, category is another important factor. Like a business student who is always like that, I mean since his early life, certainly it will impossible by him to write over Chemistry topic unless he is familiar with them most to read.

I implemented both of them in my class and I see it works.

Like, those who are not habituated to read story books from their early lives, generally, science back ground many meritorious students are like that as they had little time to read story books.
I often advise them to read at least two articles related to the IELTS/TOEFL/GRE test issues, read the articles from The New York Times, Guardian, Economists etc.

They usually tell me, Sir it gives us idea/concept to write! Of course, it takes a bit time to have a good score. Of course, if anybody likes to have more reader views, he/she can follow few art too. Read GMAT introductory chapter for writing, it is nice to follow.

More? If you like, read my few research papers at ACADEMIA, where one paper used by almost 500 researchers recently, 6 are most influential too saying by their statistics. Thanks. MinhajQuazi ( Full name Quazi Minhajuddin Ahmed, certificate's name, there)