How can I change the type of a scratchpad (from community to secret and vice versa)?

That is, without having to move it over to a new scratchpad with the other setting, since the old scratchpad wouldn't be deletable because you can't delete scratchpads at the moment.

1 Answer
Dec 22, 2017

You can't really do that, but...


... but you can remix an existing scratchpad to create another version of it that is either a community scratchpad or a secret scratchpad, depending on your preference.

So, for example, if you save a scratchpad as a community scratchpad, you can then open the scratchpad by clicking on it on this page

Then, you can click on the Remix button located on the top-right of the page, and save the scratchpad again as a secret scratchpad by clicking on the Create a secret scratchpad button.

This will create a second version of the scratchpad called "Remix of [the name of the original scratchpad]" that is a secret scratchpad.

So the two scratchpads have the same content, provided that you didn't add or remove anything when you remixed the original one, but the original scratchpad is a community scratchpad and the second scratchpad, i.e. the remix, is a secret scratchpad.

You can follow the same approach to remix an original scratchpad that you classified as secret and create a community scratchpad.