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How can I draw all possible stereoisomers for 2-bromo-4-chlorohexane?

1 Answer
Aug 27, 2015


Identify the chiral centres and then draw all the possibilities.


Step 1. Draw the bond-line structure for 2-bromo-4-chlorohexane.


Step 2. Identify the chiral centres.

The chiral centres are #"C-2"# and #"C-4"#.

Step 3. Calculate the number of possible stereoisomers.

The maximum number of stereoisomers is #2^n#, where #n# is the number of chiral centres.

Here, #n=2#. and #2^2 =4#, so there are four possible stereoisomers.

Step 4. Draw the stereoisomers.

If we indicate the stereochemistry of the bonds to the heteroatoms by wedges and dashes, the structures are





Step 5. Check for meso isomers.

There is no internal plane of symmetry, so there are no meso isomers.

The above structures are all unique stereoisomers.