How can I make an electromagnetic induction model?

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Oct 23, 2015

I tried a small induction generator using good'ole Faraday induction law:


I started using HD magnets and coils of wire:

enter image source here

Basically you have two disks (you can use two old CDs) and use one to be the rotor (the one with the magnets) and the other the stator (the one with the coils of copper wire). The magnets are quite strong so be careful when you handle them (not to pinch your fingers between them) and do not put any credit card or other magnetized holding data device near them!
Then you stick the two disks one on top of the other and rotate the rotor relative to the stator.

enter image source here

You should be able to detect (using a voltmeter on Alternate voltage output) few millivolts from the terminals (depending of the speed of rotation and numbers of loops of the coils).