How can I make the atomic model of boron?

1 Answer
Jun 25, 2015

You can use craft cotton (or Styrofoam#""^"TM"#) balls, poster board, compass, glue, and string to make a model of a boron atom.


Here is a summary of the instructions from ehow.

Their instructions are for a sodium atom, but we can adjust them to make a model of any atom.

Step 1

You will need 11 large balls (5 of one colour for the protons and 6 of another colour for the neutrons) and 5 small balls for the electrons.

Glue the five protons and six neutrons into a ball, alternating between protons and neutrons as you go.

Step 2:

Cut a small ring and a large ring out of cardstock.

Use string to tie these rings in concentric circles around the nucleus (the picture below has a third ring for a sodium atom).

Step 3:

Glue two electrons to the inner circle and three to the outer circle.

Step 4:

Attach string to the outer circle for hanging, and display your 3D model of boron (the picture below is of sodium).