How can I make the degree sign ? I can't find it on the signs>_<

6 Answers
Dec 13, 2015

I use "^o" inside of hashtags.


The degree sign is just a circle where the exponent goes, so an "o" works nicely.


With hashtags;


Dec 13, 2015

Use ^@ between hashtags.


Eg #20^@#

Apr 9, 2016

Use ^circ between hashtags

With hashtags


With a number


Oct 26, 2017

You press the hashtag then at sign (@) then hashtag again

Oct 26, 2017

You can use a lowercase o as an exponent:

hashtag 30 ^o hashtag

Which gives:

# 30 ^o #

Jan 19, 2018

If you want just a degree sign for some reason, you can use a dummy character.


And this is due to writing


with two quotation marks to give a dummy character.