How can I write the reduced planck's constant in Socratic's math notation?

Planck's constant, #h#, is a commonly used physical constant.

However equally common (really, more common in any QM applications), is the reduced planck's constant #h/(2pi)#.

It is denoted by:
enter image source here

Though a horizontal bar through the "h" would work fine as well.

I did try "hbar" but unfortunately it produces the output #hbar#

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Aug 1, 2016



Here's an approach to use to add that symbol. Go to any web page that lists the symbol and simply go CTRL + C, then head back to the editor and hit CTRL + V.

Add some hashtags to get it to format and you're done!

For example, I found the symbol here

Here's how the symbol would look in the editor

  • without hashtags


  • with hashtags


You can thus use it as you would any other math symbol.

  • without hashtags

ħ = h/(2pi)

  • with hashtags

#ħ = h/(2pi)#

You can also get the symbol in MS Word by using its UNICODE tag


and go for the same copy / paste + hashtags routine.