How can we make 10 fold dilution when we only have 0.5 ml of stock solution?

1 Answer
Sep 28, 2017

Here's how you can do that.


The idea here is that in a #10#-fold dilution, the volume of the diluted solution is #10# times higher than the volume of the stock solution.

This is equivalent to saying that the concentration of the stock solution is #10# times lower than the concentration of the diluted solution.

In other words, you're performing a #1:10# dilution, i.e. you're diluting the stock solution by a factor fo #10#.

#"DF" = V_"diluted"/V_"stock"" "-># the dilution factor

In your case, you have

#V_"diluted"/V_"stock" = 10 implies V_"diluted" = 10 * V_"stock"#

This means that the volume of the diluted solution must be equal to

#V_"diluted" = 10 * "0.5 mL" = "5 mL"#

So depending on the nature of the substance that you're diluting, you can add enough water to the stock solution to get the total volume to #"5 mL"#.

If you're dealing with a strong acid, you would add the stock solution to enough water to get the total volume of the solution to #"5 mL"#, preferably to cold water in multiple steps while stirring properly in between steps.