How can you prevent the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria?

1 Answer
Jun 4, 2014

You are not actually causing the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria. You are selecting for ones that are already there.
In a mixed population of a species of bacteria, there are ones that are different just as in the human species. Your DNA make-up is slightly different than any other human.

By adding a change to the environment, you will find that some individuals will do better than others in that new environment.
By adding antibiotics, you will select those bacteria that will do better and may survive and others will not.

The best way to prevent this is to use antibiotics only when necessary.
Do not use them for virus infections or fungal infections.
Test each time to select the best antibiotic for the infection.
Use the antibiotic for the entire time as prescribed and do not stop just because you are feeling better.
Do not use hand soaps and other products that have antibiotics in them. Plain soap and water will do the job. Being exposed to a few bacteria will help you build up resistances.