How can you reduce triglycerides in the blood?

1 Answer
Sep 16, 2017


Lifestyle changes such as modifying diet and losing weight can potentially cut triglyceride levels into half.


Triglycerides are a type of fats founds in the blood. Higher levels of triglycerides can increase risk of heart disease. Diet and lifestyle factors have a major influence on blood triglycerides. With a few simple lifestyle modifications one can decrease triglyceride levels and improve overall health.

Effective methods to reduce triglyceride levels in blood include :
1) reducing body weight and exercising regularly.
2)limiting sugar and trans fat intake.
3) following a low carb diet.
4) eating a fibre rich diet.
5) including fatty fish in diet and increasing intake of unsaturated fats.
6) limiting alcohol intake and establishing a regular meal pattern.