How did the Scientific Revolution impact views on religion and society?

1 Answer
Mar 23, 2017

The Scientific Revolution The Protestant Reformation, and the Renaissance were all interrelated.


Many of the leaders of the Scientific Revolution were products of the Protestant Reformation, such as Kepler, Newton, and others.
The Protestant Reformation gave " permission" to challenge the writings of the Greeks which had been endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Renaissance focused attention on human reason. The Renaissance also influenced the Scientific Revolution. The humanistic focus was on what human reason could discover was instrumental in the development of the Scientific Revolution.

The Protestant Reformation also emphasized what human reason could discover by individual study of the Bible. The idea that people should not just accept what authorities had to say help set a societal attitude that allowed the Scientific Revolution.

The later success of the Scientific Revolution made science the most trusted authority on what is truth and how truth is found. This undermined the authority of religion in the view of most of society.