How did the search for wealth and the pursuit of religious freedom shape the founding of Jamestown and the growth of Virginia?

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May 20, 2016

Because of the religious conformity wanted by the British king, many people immigrated to Jamestown looking for religious freedom and wealth.


After finding North America in 1492, European powers wanted to colonize. King James I chartered the expedition that founded Jamestown. The pursuit of religious freedom led to many Protestants coming and colonizing in Virginia, which led Protestantism into becoming the dominant religion of Virginia. This view of religion influenced politics, and because of the amount of Protestants in Virginia, many people today are Protestants.

Not only was Jamestown founded on the basis of religion, many people colonized looking for wealth. Tobacco was a popular crop that was exported back to Europe to make more money for the colony, which led to the growing of Virginia.

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