How did the superpowers react to the existence of two Chinas?

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Feb 6, 2018


It really depends on who and when.


Two Chinas have in fact never existed.
For most countries there was only one China.
The Western block recognised the only existence of Formosa; and the Eastern block only the existence of the Popular Republic. The other one (one billion people for the Western World) was utterly transparent.

There was only one China (Formosa) sitting at the United Nations See in New York; and Chang Kai Check's Formosa was the one member of all the UN agencies.
No Nations dared to recognise Main Land China in order not to infuriate the US.

Charles de Gaulle was the first head of state (and for a long time the only one) who talked to China and recognised it in 1964 exchanging diplomats with Beijing.
Formosa immediately withdrew hers from Paris.

One by one the others surrendered to the evidence and Formosa ceded its UN seat to mainland China in 1971.

Eventually Formosa was readmitted to the World Community but, under China's diplomatic pressure, only under the different name of Taiwan.

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