How did the tariff of 1828 affect people in the South?

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Aug 7, 2016


The tariff of 1828 caused economic hardship on the people of the south and caused them to be very angry and bitter.


The tariff of 1828 raise taxes on imported manufactured goods from Europe. The goal of this tariff was to protect the young manufacturing industry of New England. The result was that goods from Europe were more expensive. Because England could not sell as many goods to America they could not purchase as much of the agricultural products of the south.

The south was hurt badly by these tariffs. They could not sell as much of their products losing money and they had to pay more for the manufactured goods they needed. Also they had to purchase manufactured goods from northern factories because of the shortage of imports.

The south called the tariffs of 1828 the Tariffs of Abominations. The south clearly hated these laws which were designed to help the north at the expense of the south. John C. Calhorn of South Carolina called for the nullification of the laws claiming States rights over federal law, which would be echoed in the calls for succession from the union.