How do authors use assonance?

1 Answer
Nov 24, 2017

Writers use assonance as a tool to enhance a musical effect in the text by using it for creating internal rhyme.


Assonance is when a writer repeats a vowel sound in words that do not rhyme. However, the words must be close to each other for it to be considered assonance.

“Men sell the wedding bells.”
The vowel e repeats itself several times in this closely-knitted sentence.
"M e n s e ll the w e dding b e lls"

"We light fire on the mountain."
i is being emphasized
"We l i ght f i re on the mountain."

"The engineer held the steering to steer the vehicle."
ee is being emphasized
"The engin ee r held the st ee ring to st ee r the vehicle."

Hope that helped!