How do dipoles interact?

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May 5, 2016

Dipole - Dipole attraction


So dipoles, first of all, what are they

Basically, a dipole consists of two opposite charges that are separated by a short distance
Such as, # H_2O#

The charges are opposite, the hydrogen atoms having a positive charge, and the oxygen a negative.

Now, the attraction between the dipoles of two different polar molecules, is called a dipole-dipole attraction
As you may have guessed, the opposite charges on the different molecules attract each other.

Take an example of several #H_2O# molecules together
Now, the attraction between the oxygen( - ) atom of one molecule and the hydrogen( + ) of another molecule, is what is called the dipole dipole attraction of #H_2O#

Although this was just an example for the sake of ease, the dipole dipole attraction between water molecules is called hydrogen bonding, just an extra huehue.

Hope you don't get too confused from my style of writing
Good luck, hope this helped :D