How do I convert m/s to km or km/h?

is there a video that makes it easy to learn or can someone please explain

2 Answers
Jan 29, 2018

There are two ways of how you can do it.
See below.


  1. The longer one
    For example, lets convert 1,36 #m/s# to #km/h#. Folow my steps from 1 to 3.
    enter image source here
    Here is the video with an explanation, NOTE: start form 7:00

  2. The shorter one
    If you want to convert 4,89 #km/h# to #m/s# you have to divide 4,89 with 3,6.
    And if you want to convert 1,36 #m/s# to #km/h# you have to multiply 1,36 with 3,6.
    enter image source here

Jan 29, 2018


There would be no way to convert m/s to km. You would need to end up with units of #"distance/time"#. However conversion from m/s to km/h can be done and you already have 2 answers to help you do that. I decided to add my thoughts on unit conversion.

The KhanAcademy video one of your previous answers included is good. I decided to add my thoughts on unit conversion. You might get some additional help from the above link to an answer I wrote about 6 months ago to a Socratic question on this topic.

I hope these answers help you,