How do I distinguish between adjectives and nouns from compound nouns?

For example, war chief is a compound noun, but can it also be an adjective with a noun?

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May 8, 2018



Keep in mine, if you have two nouns one by one, the first noun will be function like an adjective that is a basic grammatical rule.

Like, Note books, the first one is functioning like an adjective though "note" is not a true adjective.

Mathematics teachers.

The first one is an adjective by function.

All grammarians say, English grammar is almost like math, assume 80%. the rest of them are like arts. I mean don't follow any rule but you have to conscious there most attentively.

I guess many meritorious guys feel suffocation here that holds them to understand pure grammar.

Or it is a nice combination of math.

LIKE, see a nice issue:
PUT you enunciate one way
BUT, you enunciate a bit different way, but why?
No grammarians have any answer here! Do you know any answer, why?