How do natural gas compressor stations work?

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Oct 12, 2016

Your answer may go on like this:-


The main parts of the Compressor Stations include the following-

Compressor Unit – The compressor unit is the piece of equipment which actually compresses the gas. It can work in any of the following ways-

  • Turbines with Centrifugal Compressors –
    This type of compressor is mainly powered by a turbine to turn a centrifugal compressor and that centrifugal compressor is powered by natural gas.

  • Electric Motors with Centrifugal Compressors –
    This type of compressor also takes help of the centrifugal compressors to compress the gas.
    The difference is just that they rely on high voltage electric motors.

  • Reciprocating Compressor–
    This type of compressor uses a large piston engines to crank reciprocating pistons located within cylindrical cases on the side of the unit. These pistons compress the gas.
    These engines are also fueled by natural gas.

Filters and Scrubbers– These just remove water, and other impurities from the natural gas.

Gas Cooling Systems –
When the natural gas is compressed its temperature rises.
So for this the gas is made to travel through a cooling sector. Which cools down the temperature of the gas so the pipeline is not damaged through which the gas is travelling.

Mufflers –
These are basically the Noise controllers of the Compressor Stations.