How do the lithosphere and asthenosphere relate to plate tectonics?

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Feb 16, 2018


They are the actors and the stage of the play.


Actors move on stage within a setting.
The Earth's lithosphere is broken into a number of pieces of various sizes. These pieces we call plates. They can be as large as a subcontinent or as small as one of the smaller states of the Union.
Plate tectonics results of the displacement of these broken pieces relative to each other.

The Asthenosphere is the upper part of the Earth's Mantle. It is a highly viscous molten magma that constantly circulates as stirred by thermal convection currents. The crustal plates float on top of the asthenosphere.

It is the continuous movement within the Earth Mantle that drives the floating plates. Their separation and collision generate the earthquakes, build mountain chains and burrows deep oceanic trenches.

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