How do the sun and stars move?

2 Answers
Jun 21, 2018

They orbit their galactic center.


The sun and other stars in out galaxy orbit around the center of the galaxy due to gravitational forces, it is assumed that a supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy (and other spiral galaxies) provides the mass for a good portion of the gravitational field.

The sun orbits around the galaxy is about 220 km/s and so it orbits around the entire galaxy every 240 million years or about 18 times since the solar system formed.

THe movements of Sun on daily basis and yearly basis is due to the Earth's rotation and movement around Sun.


Actual moement of Sun and stars is not observable in short period The Sun and stars move around Miky wat galaxy in 230 million years once.enter image source here basicknowledge101 .com.