How do yo solve this problem of Lineal Equation?

Peter has a car rental store each car costs $60 a day and $5 for each additional kilometer. What equation does the expression of daily cost and number of kilometers represent?
A) Y=60X-5 B)60X+5 C)5X-60 D)5X+60

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Dec 10, 2017

The answer should be D, or #y=5x+60#


Let's start by setting #y# equal to the daily cost of a rental. We know that no matter what everyone has to pay a flat cost of $60. So even if you drive 0 km, you pay $60. If we say that distance traveled (in km) is #x#, then when #x=0#, #y=60#, so we have to have something with the following format:


To determine #m#, we need to note the amount of additional money it costs to drive 1 km. In the problem it states that it costs $5 for each additional km, so #m# must equal 5. So we get this:

#y=5x+60# which follows answer D.

Hope this helps!

Dec 10, 2017



The fixed price is $60, so we know the equation is going to have a fixed 60.

Equation right now is #Y = 60#

Now we include the second part of the question. For every addition of kilometers traveled, we add by $5. Since additional kilometers can be any number, we can write that as #5X# (X representing the unknown amount of additional kilometers.)

The new equation with this consideration is #Y = 60 + 5X# or #Y=5X+60# if we rewrite it.

Therefore the answer is D