How do you become a hero and a mod?

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Nov 19, 2017


These two positions are locked for now.


What is a hero?

Heroes are contributors who write good answers, always helpful, very active, and really care about Socratic and its mission. You can know if someone is a Hero if you see a yellow lighting bolt tag next to their name.

The yellow lighting bolt

When the lighting bolt is next to their name, Stefan V. profile.

Official Definition:

"A Socratic Hero is someone who consistently writes high-quality answers within their subject area(s) while inspiring and coaching other contributors to do the same. Heroes are responsible for cultivating and protecting Socratic’s culture of learning and voicing the community’s needs."

Who are the Heroes?

There are currently 7 Socratic heroes on Socratic. They are,

The 7 Socratic heroes

How do I become a Hero?

The role a Hero plays on the site was changed about a year ago; Heroes are now helping out with moderation, which pretty much means that contributors can no longer apply to become Heroes.

The Heroes team is locked for the time being, i.e. you can't become a Hero at the moment, but that will most likely change in the near future.


What is a Mod?

A Mod is a person that goes around Socratic to make sure everything is safe and fine. They are sort of like the Police Officers of Socratic. To my knowledge, there is only one Mod on Socratic, Stefan V. (@stefan-zdre)

How does one become a Mod?

As of right now, you cannot apply to become a mod. Maybe, later in the future you might be able to.

Give this a read for more info on Heroes, Featured Answers Reviewers, and Moderators.

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