How do you determine whether (2,2) is a solution to #y < -2x + 1#?

1 Answer
Apr 30, 2018

We plug in the x and y values to find that #2<-3#, which is false


When looking at a set of coordinates (x,y), to find out if those coordinates are the solution to a given equation is simple. All we have to do is plug them in.

So in the set of coordinates (2,2), x=2 and y=2. Now we take those numbers and plug them in for x and y in our equation.

So #y<-2x+1# becomes #(2)<-2(2)+1#

Simplifying, we find #(2)<-2(2)+1 = 2<-4+1 = 2<-3#

#2<-3# means that 2 is smaller then -3. Now 2 is clearly not smaller then -3, so we now know that (2,2) is not a solution to our equation.