How do you draw the line with the slope m=1 and y intercept 1?

1 Answer

build the line equation, then solve it for a few x - y pairs, or let the computer draw it for you :)


General line formula is : #y=mx+n#
here slope m = +1 so your line is : #y=x+n#
given that line intercepts y at 1 means that when #x=0 -> y=1#
so n is : #1=0+n -> n=1#
your line formula becomes: #y=x+1#
now solve this equation for x=-3,-2,-1, (x=0 already given in the question), +1,+2,+3 and mark (x,y) points on a cartesian coordinate system, then combine them by a ruler (but dont forget that it is not limited from -3 to +3), extend it as you can...
which is:
graph{x+1 [-10, 10, -5, 5]}