How do you evaluate #2^4-6-:2#?

1 Answer
Feb 23, 2017

You will use PEMDAS, the order of operations.


PEMDAS stands for:

  • Parentheses
  • Exponents
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

PEMDAS tells us the order in which we should solve equations. We can apply it to the current problem. First, we need to solve everything in parentheses. However, there are no parentheses in the problem. So we move on to exponents. There is an exponent in the expression, so we solve it like this:


Then, we continue through PEMDAS. Multiplication is next, but there is none of that in the problem. We move on to the division, which is solved like this:


So, we now have:


Addition comes next in PEMDAS, but we have none of that, so we do the final PEMDAS step, the subtraction.