How do you evaluate #-4+ ( - 6\div 2) \times 3#?

1 Answer

Use the order of operations Parentheses Exponents, Multiply and Divide, Addition and Subtraction.



One way of remembering the order of operations is If you get hurt in PE call a Medical Doctor As Soon as possible.

First do Parentheses #(-6 / 2) #

# -6/2 = -3 # A negative divided by a positive is a negative.

Think about this a negative is something bad a positive is adding something. Adding something bad is bad or negative.

Next do multiplication and division from left to right. ( Remember a medical doctor is one person not two, so the multiplication and division must be done together.)

# -4 +( -3 xx 3)" so " ( -3 xx 3) = -9# leaving

# -4 + (-9) #

Next do addition and subtraction from left to right (Remember As Soon as possible is one time not two so addition and subtraction must be done together. )

# -4 + (-9) =- 13#

A negative goes down, a second negative goes down further leaving a more negative number. You go down down down and flames get higher and burns burns burns ( that means it is more negative)