How do you find the axis of symmetry, graph and find the maximum or minimum value of the function #f(x)=1/3(x+6)^2+5#?

1 Answer
Apr 14, 2018

Expand the equation and simplify it and then complete the square.


#(x^3)/3 +4x+17# This the equation you will get when you expand the bracket and simplify.

#1/3(x+6)^2-5# This is the equation when you complete the square. To find the X and Y value. Take what is in the bracket and equate it to zero. So, in this case, it is X+6=0 and X=-6.
Now for the Y value, the value which is in the far right is the Y value, in this case, it is -5. So the coordinates for the minimum value is (-6,-5)