How do you find the domain and the range of the relation, and state whether or not the relation is a function [(-1,-1),(0,-1),(1,-1),(2,-1)]?

1 Answer
Jul 9, 2016

The domain is (-1,0,1,2) and the range is (-1,) and the relation is a function


The collection of the x values is the domain and the collection of the y values is the range.

In the relation (x,y), the x is the domain and the y is the range

That's why in the relation of (2,-1), the x is 2 and the y is -1, meaning that the domain is 2 and the range is -1

Remember: There is no need for us to repeat the same number

(-1,-1,-1,-1) It is correct, but it is more accepted as (-1)

And in determining the whether it is a function or not a function, we need to remember that the x cannot have 2 or multiples of y.