How do you find the intercepts for #y=2x^2-5x+2#?

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Oct 28, 2015

(2x-+1) (x-2)enter image source here


Ok so I know the picture is a little hard to read as this was done on my doodle pad.

However, here is a written expression.

First, divide a and c which would be 2 and 2.
Then, find two numbers that multiply 4 and add -5 which would be -1 and -4.
Next, split the middle with 2x^2-4x-1x+2.

This part's a little tricky, but hang in there :)

Ok, so factor out a 2x from the 2x^2 and a -1 from -1x+2, both answers should be (x-2)

Now this a little hard to explain, but since you used both 2x and -1 to divide 2x^2-4x-1x+2, write (2x-1).

Now your final answers should be (2x-1) (x-2)

Going further to find your x-intercepts, set each equation to zero.

2x-1=0 is x=1/2
x-2=0 is x=2

Your x intercepts are 1/2 and 2.

Hope this helped! :)